Sydney Leathermen aka SLM is a social group formed to create affinity spaces for male and male identifying Leather Men. The Founding SLM team spent two years speaking with community members before launching SLM with a vision of creating safe and social spaces for likeminded leathermen to gather, socialse, bond and build a stronger leather brotherhood.

SLM takes inspiration from similar Leathermen groups locally and internationally. SLM aims to provide opportunities for social interaction, bonding and growth for likeminded leather men through regular social events. SLM leaves the ‘Parties’ to those who do it best but are happily working with multiple other community groups on various events in the near future. SLM committee members were envious of the Cigar and Leather culture so popular overseas and lacking in Australia so have created Bi monthly Cigar Socials that have proved quite popular. SLM is is also proud to be an integral part of the return of Mr Sydney Leather contest in 2023.

SLM will be much more than the great looking leather and accessories. It’s about living a leather proud lifestyle and doing so authentically with pride. It’s being a positive contributor to the local leather men community that supports, shares, nurtures, encourages and grows without judgement, fear, or drama.

SLM welcomes those new, aspiring or curious to the Leathermen scene and aim to provide a friendly, welcoming and safe environment for them to become involved  and confidently make a decision on if this group and the leather scene is right for them.

All members of this group are expected to adhere to a set of rules. It is a condition of being part of this group that you understand the rules and most importantly adhere to the group rules at all times.