Sydney Leather Men Inc. is a community built on respect, trust, and shared interests. Our members and event guests are expected to adhere to this set of ‘rules’ or Code of Conduct designed to foster a safe and welcoming environment for all:

SLM Inc. operates on the understanding all members and guests are aware of the expectations and acceptable behaviours as outlined in the policies on our website:

  • Code of Conduct.
  • Inclusion Policy
  • Conflict Resolution Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Consent Culture Policy


Code of Conduct (Aka Group Rules)

Safety and Respect: All members should feel safe and valued. Bullying, degrading comments, or judgmental behavior will not be tolerated.

Dress Code: Financial Members are required to adhere to a Leather Dress Code, including wearing a major piece of Leather. New attendees are granted leniency at their first few events

No Self Promotion or SPAM: Members are strongly discouraged from any self-promotion or sharing personal related links. Advertising of businesses, external events, links, or groups requires prior SLM permission. Failure to adhere will result in temporary or permanent bans from SLM Inc social media channels.

  • The SLM Group on Facebook is for SLM content only and approved posts from our MBP’s (Member Benefit Partners) only.
  • Our Facebook Page is more community-oriented as well as SLM public content; however, all posts should still have consent sought before posting. This is where most events and links for the benefit of the community are shared.

Kindness and Conflict Resolution: Our group thrives on respect, kindness, and courteous behavior. Any conflicts should be resolved discreetly, respectfully, and without impacting the enjoyment of others by following our conflict resolution policy.

Privacy: Respect for privacy is paramount. What’s shared within the SLM community must stay within the community and not end up as Chinese whispers or gossip elsewhere or at our events.

Adherence to Protocols: Members are expected to comply with any advised protocols and respect that protocols existing in personal and relationship dynamics.

Honesty, Integrity & Authenticity: Members should conduct themselves with honesty, respect, and integrity. Misrepresentation is not tolerated and we strongly encourage authenticity and personal growth within our community. Sharing of experience and knowledge is highly appreciated and encouraged.

Consent: Consent is a key and fundamental aspect of our community. Always ask before touching and remember that gear or skin exposed doesn’t equal consent , See our Consent Culture Policy.

Photography/Videography: Images captured by SLM representatives may be used on our website gallery or social media platforms. Members or guests are always asked prior if their photo can be taken by SLM representatives and have the right to request that we remove photographs should they represent privacy concerns. We will always seek your prior consent should we admire any photo highly enough to use for wider promotion.

  • Photos taken at SLM events may on occasion end up in local gay media sites and printed news by arrangement between SLM and the relevant media outlet. Only images taken and shared via our website or socials are provided to the media outlets.
  • All Photo’s taken by SLM remain the property of SLM and members and guests should only repost photo’s that they are in and should not repost photos that do not include them in it.
  • Members, Guests and event attendee’s should also ensure that photos taken include only those whose permission has been given, do not at any stage take sneaky pics of people in attendance.

By following these rules, we can ensure that Sydney Leather Men Inc. remains a supportive and respectful community for all members and guests.