At the heart of Sydney Leather Men Inc is a strong commitment to fostering a culture of consent. We believe that mutual respect and understanding form the basis of any interaction within our community.

Explicit Consent: Every member is encouraged to communicate openly about their boundaries and desires. Nothing is assumed, and consent must always be explicit.

Informed Consent: We strive to educate our members about the importance of informed consent, ensuring that everyone understands what they are agreeing to in any given situation.

Ongoing Consent: Consent isn’t a one-time thing; it’s an ongoing conversation. We promote continuous dialogue about comfort levels and consent throughout any interaction.

Consent Education: Regular discussions about consent are integral parts of our events, reinforcing the culture of respect and understanding.

Violation Consequences: Violations of consent are taken extremely seriously. Breaches result in immediate action, including potential expulsion from the membership and group, emphasizing that our commitment to a consent culture is non-negotiable.

By adhering to this Consent Policy, we ensure that Sydney Leather Men Inc remains a safe, welcoming, and respectful community for all members.